62.Vehicular Technology by John G. Webster (Editor)

By John G. Webster (Editor)

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25. Electrified ground transport system divided into a number of subsystems. , public power supply system and its power capacity) Compatibility with existing transport systems Cost–benefit analysis of different options The choice of the system voltage determines the required parameters of the power supply structure, the rolling stock, and the surrounding technical infrastructure. 36 GROUND TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Sizing of Power Supply Equipment and Installation Calculation of the required power to be delivered to an EV is based on the assumed traffic volume and the resulting timetable.

In case the voltage between the ground electrode and the negative electrode of the TS exceeds the preset value, the equipment makes a connection between GROUND TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS 11 Fig. 8. Parallel connection of rails of a two-track railroad line: (a) using centers of impedance bonds, (b) using additional return wires. them. If the grounding current flowing through the switch is high enough, then the HSB of the appropriate feeder may clear the fault; otherwise, after a time delay, the special relay trips the ac power switch (time of operation up to 200 ms) of the TS.

A scheme of an elementary section of an electric traction power supply network with self- and mutual impedances: (a) simplified one-track, (b) dual-track. 22 GROUND TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS The self-impedance zr of a rail may be described by the following simplified equation (5): where µo = 4 π × 10 − 7 H/m, µr = relative permeability [for a ferromagnetic conductor with significant current change, see Table 6(a) (5)] ρr = resistivity of a rail [ ·m], ω = 2πf with f = frequency [Hz] Re = radius of an equivalent circular cross section for a rail =L/2π [m] where L = length of the perimeter of a cross section of a rail [m] The internal impedance per unit length of a conductor 5 is where µr = 1 for Al and Cu.

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