77 by Crispin Black

By Crispin Black

How may a second of triumph in regards to the Olympic Bid become a disaster? those negative occasions persist with at the carrying on with revelations that the intelligence stories that have been the government's foundation for the invasion of Iraq have been deeply mistaken and the new admission via the Ministry of Defence that it did not foresee the dimensions and ferocity of the Iraq insurgency. whatever is particularly incorrect in how Britain collects and analyses intelligence. In "7-7: What Went Wrong?", Crispin Black exhibits that basic flaws in our present method of calibrating and knowing the terrorist danger -- an unwillingness for example to tackle board the results of our international coverage on loyalty at domestic and a quite often slack method of border safeguard have produced a poisonous danger to nationwide safeguard. Taken all jointly there's the uncomfortable suspicion that rather than collecting intelligence, their objective is to delight their masters. In his compelling and authoritative research, Black indicates the...

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Incredibly, for a plot that came out of the blue, the ringleader had come to the attention of the police previously. Not as part of an everyday police investigation, but as part of a major inquiry into an Islamist terrorist plot to blow up nightclubs in London, Operation Crevice. A highly successful and brilliantly executed counter-terrorist operation which saved many lives, Operation Crevice uncovered a sophisticated plot to use IRA-style home-made explosives in huge quantities to cause havoc and carnage across London’s West End.

Perhaps not to much effect, but it was good for the soul. On 7 July 2005, I was a civilian with a family to look after—and all one could do was wait for what else might lie in store. All this was happening quite quickly. Two uncomfortable thoughts lodged in my mind. From the information available it looked as though London was under attack from a series of comparatively small bombs mainly on the tube—but was the series complete after the bus bomb in Tavistock Square? Or worse, was the series of small bombs just a prelude to a ‘spectacular’ of some sort?

The question is why we weren’t. Instead we went to sleep, and even planned on siphoning London’s policemen away from the capital. A large number of Metropolitan policemen were deployed to assist with security at the Gleneagles summit. No doubt some trouble was expected in Scotland, but surely not terrorism—we know that MI5’s JTAC had already assessed that no group had the capability or intention to attack the UK. London’s missing policemen were taken from the capital not for anti-terrorist policing but to assist with civil order issues.

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