A historical album of New Jersey by F. Topper/C. Wills

By F. Topper/C. Wills

A background of latest Jersey, from its early exploration and payment to the country this day.

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Lincoln won the election, and Southern states soon began seceding (withdrawing) from the Union to form the Confederate States of America. When South Carolina seceded in December 1860, a headline in the Newark Journal proclaimed "Southern cause our cause," and several New Jersey politicians proclaimed their support for the South. When the conflict between the North and South flared into civil war two months later, however, New Jersey gave its support to the Union. Ten thousand New Jersey men answered Lincoln's call for volunteers in April 1861.

Three years later, the German passenger airship Hindenburg exploded while landing at the United States Naval Air Station at Lakehurst. New Jersey's depression-battered economy didn't start to recover until World War II broke out in Europe in 1939. Closed factories quickly reopened to turn out arms and supplies for the Allies. When the United States joined the war after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December Page 43 A freighter is launched at the Federal Shipbuilding Company's dockyard in Kearny in this 1932 photograph.

Page 1 A Historical Album of New Jersey Page 2 Page 3 A Historical Album of New Jersey Frank Topper Charles A. Wills Page 4 Front and back cover: "View on the Delaware near Bordentown," color lithograph after a painting by Karl Bodmer, c. 1832. The Library of Congress. Title page: The Delaware Water Gap. Courtesy of the New Jersey Department of Commerce. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Topper, Frank.  Wills.  cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. Summary: A history of New Jersey, from its early exploration and settlement to the state today.

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