A History of Franco-German Relations in Europe: From by Carine Germond

By Carine Germond

This book surveys Franco-German family from the French Revolution to the Nineties, amassing the most up-tp-date examine from quarter experts.

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See also Stuart Woolf, Napoleon’s integration of Europe (London: Routledge, 1991). 17. Michael Rowe, “Resistance, Collaboration or Third Way?

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If need be, this could justify war or make war seem unavoidable if a presumably hostile environment failed to concede those rights. The murder of the heir to the Austrian throne, Franz Ferdinand, and his wife on June 28, 1914, was initially condemned by all the European great powers as a despicable act deserving of harsh punishment. ” As things escalated after the Austrian ultimatum to Serbia on July 23, followed five days later by a declaration of war, coordinated efforts at crisis diplomacy by the Germans and French should have been obvious given that the latter had significant influence in Russia and the former was the very close ally of Austria.

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