A History of Indian Literature, Volume VI: Scientific and by Bimal Krishna Matilal; Jan Gonda (Editor)

By Bimal Krishna Matilal; Jan Gonda (Editor)

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His book NyAyaratna is divided into thirteen sections and covers all the important concepts of the Navya-nyaya theory of inference. He was the first to refute Sriharsa's criticism of Udayana regarding the problem of induction. Even GangeSa elaborated this problem by using Manikantha's method. Manikantha rejected the doctrine of sdmdnya-laksand, which Ganges"a defended. In this matter, Manikantha was followed by RaghunAtha, who also rejected sdmdnyalaksana about three centuries later. Manikantha was the last Navya-nyaya author who added a concluding chapter dealing with the refutation of MahAvidyA inference.

For, just as one does not incur demerit by having illicit sexual relations in a dream, so also one would not incur demerit by doing so in the waking state. 90 B. K. Matilal • Nyaya-Vaisesika [Opponent:] The (said) discrimination is maintained by the fact that in one case the person is overwhelmed with slumber, while he is not so overwhelmed in the other case. [Answer:] This is also wrong. How does one know that this odd behaviour of the mind is caused by the influence of slumber ? [Opponent:] The clarity and unclarity of the states of consciousness distinguish the dream stage from the waking stage.

Gunaratna said, "There are eighteen commentaries on the Nyayasara of BhasarvajNa; of them, the chief one is the NyAyabhusana. " 81 Due to an unfortunate misconstruing of this statement of Gunaratna, scholars thought that the NyayakalikA was only a commentary of the NyayasAra. But the text of the NyAyakalika has been published afterwards in 1925. And it has been found to be a simple manual written by Jayanta on the sixteen Nyaya categories. 6, that VAcaspati MiSra I refuted a view of Jayanta. Thus, accepting the authority of Udayana, we place Jayanta prior to VAcaspati.

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