Abilene Stories. From Then to Now by Glenn Dromgoole, Jay Moore, Joe W. Specht

By Glenn Dromgoole, Jay Moore, Joe W. Specht

A selection of interesting and colourful tales spanning the historical past of Abilene, Texas.

Although Abilene has lengthy lived within the shadows of the literary limelight, it has now not been for an absence of excellent writing, solid writers, or fascinating tales. Now popping out of the shadows, Abilene tales: From Then to Now bargains a neighborhood scrapbook, a meeting of the civic congregation the place greater than 100 associates have stopped by way of for a trip. The laughter is strong and the grins large as tales are advised and stories jogged.

Pull up a chair subsequent to Katharyn Duff as she relates a couple of old chestnuts. supply your consciousness to overlook Tommie Clack for a ringside seat to the earlier. Step into the poetry of these who understand this position good and some who simply saw it in passing. get pleasure from the pointy perception of Pulitzer-nominated Frank Grimes. pay attention for the private point which A.C. Greene wove into the vast majority of his writings.

The assortment starts with tales from ahead of Abilene...

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Those who seemed gifted toward some prescribed use? William Smith, of dour loyalty; Chuck Francis, the fairness in him already recognized by us as unusual; Delmon Rice, with a watchmaker’s scrutiny of things. Are our villages but the extension and expansion of human ego, or the last possible Eden where reality can retreat to innocence? I would rather think not. To me a village is where, for the last time, everything around you seemed made for your use and measurement. The beauty or the drama of the locality may be as unimportant as whether or not the clock face, across which the time was measured, was beautiful.

The only sure thing is—there it lies, where it has waited all this time for me to come along and pick it up. I have picked up many in my life, but I still enjoy that mystical moment when my fingers close around it, and I visualize that the last hand that touched this object was a person from another age, almost another world. In that moment, the link with the vanished past seems very real, the continuity of life very apparent, even though the person who so carefully fashioned this artifact will, of course, remain forever unknown and faceless.

Never again, after we leave this village, do we have such reliable references with which to frame our judgments and measure our importance. All we knew, in that brief time, was ourself. Thus, if we try to go back, our yardsticks look unfamiliar, their scales and markings wiped smooth. We can’t remember what we were measuring against the deep-scored, beveled-edged bricks of the Elks Hall, or the significance of the steepness of the steps going up to the old City Hall’s east doors, the length of the no-longer-used passenger platform at the T&P station.

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