Above Top Secret: Uncover the Mysteries of the Digital Age by Jim Marrs

By Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs has demonstrated himself among the numerous different conspiracy researchers in bringing replacement perspectives and knowledge to the loads in a palatable and coherent shape. With issues of conspiracy mendacity at the edge of mainstream acceptability, Marrs has still touched a nerve with the general public at huge along with his skill to stroll the high quality line among incredulity and the glorious.

whereas the majority of Marrs' paintings has been keen on particular themes some time past, this time he makes use of the ATS website as a launching element for the most well known topics of the discussion board clients. overlaying a huge spectrum of themes from the age outdated Kennedy assassination, lunar landings and the Federal Reserve, to the fashionable phenomenon of chemtrails, height oil, and the ever present September 11 theories; with many extra in among.

something this publication isn't really is a conspiratorial free-for-all the place all common sense fails to use. Marrs manages to convincingly debunk Nazi antarctic bases whereas laying off poignant feedback at the Federal Reserve. in fact as a prerequisite, an open brain is critical , besides the fact that, one's personal scepticism don't need to be relegated to the trash bin both.

In all, whereas the committed fringe researcher will most probably locate the knowledge to be outdated information, so much readers should still locate this to be an enjoyable if no longer a bit informative tract. the following water cooler speak on my own might be well worth the buy expense.

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42 ] ing” with each other. All the lights would then turn to a bright, white light and disappear. Being night, many of the witnesses saw only the bright lights. ” He also reported seeing two fighter jets he believed were F-16s chasing the object. J i m Marrs WHY DID THE AIR FORCE CHANGE ITS STORY ON STEPHENVILLE? of art that predates the aircraft era? Why do so many texts from ancient times seem to talk about UFO activity? Why are there consistently reliable sightings of gigantic and silent UFOs?

But if government investigators did indeed track the culprits behind this suspicious stock activity, it was not brought before the public, especially since the probes led to persons connected with the CIA, not Osama bin Laden. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “[A] source familiar with the United trades identified Deutsche Bank Alex. ” Both the International Policy Institute for Counter Terrorism and European investigators tracked the UAL put options to Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown, a firm formed in 1999 when the German bank merged with Alex.

As outlined by Rep. Tom Udall, a Democrat from New Mexico, the price of petroleum fuel is not the only factor to consider. During congressional peak oil hearings, Udall noted, “Some say that market forces will take care of the peak oil problem. They argue that as we approach or pass the peak of production, the price of oil will increase and alternatives will become more competitive. Following this, consumers will act to replace our need for non-petroleum energy resources. This philosophy is partly true.

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