Abstracts of reports on invitation by ICM-1966, Moscow.

By ICM-1966, Moscow.

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Homogeneous Spaces and Equivariant Embeddings

Homogeneous areas of linear algebraic teams lie on the crossroads of algebraic geometry, idea of algebraic teams, classical projective and enumerative geometry, harmonic research, and illustration conception. via ordinary purposes of algebraic geometry, as a way to remedy a number of difficulties on a homogeneous area, it really is usual and priceless to compactify it whereas keeping an eye on the gang motion, i.

Chiral Separation Techniques: A Practical Approach, Second Edition

This can be a thoroughly revised and up-to-date sequel to 'A functional method of Chiral Separations by means of Liquid Chromatography' by means of an analogous editor. The scope has been prolonged to extra chiral separation options like electrophoresis, membrane separations, or organic assays. extra emphasis is wear preparative separation strategies.

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You'll Page xii formulate a vision that will help guide you in acquiring the necessary skills and abilities to land one of tomorrow's best jobs. In the following pages we examine the changing nature of the economy and its implications for both the job market and your career choices in the decade ahead. We also outline nearly 100 of the fastest growing jobs between now and the year 2006. These are some of the best jobs in terms of overall job growth. They will employ a large number of individuals in the decade ahead.

Most realistic predictions of tomorrow's job generating economy are based upon analyses of past trends coupled with the realities of recent economic performance. It is these predictions that form the basis for identifying the fastest growing, hottest, or best jobs for the 21st century. Page 14 For example, most forecasters agree that the rate of economic growth for the coming decade will be much slower than during the 1970's and mid-1980'sthe era of the baby-boom generation entering the workforce.

Are your goals realistic given your interests, skills, motivations, and image of the future? Þ What types of jobs and careers will you choose? Þ Will these choices be the right ones for you? Þ How will they affect your lifestyle? Þ How much control do you want over your life? Þ What are you willing to risk in the decade ahead? Work and Meaningful Lifestyles The beginnings and ends of decades are times for reflection, assessment, and redirection. The past decade and a half has been a turbulent period for jobs, careers, and lifestyles.

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