Accelerated learning in practice: brain-based methods for by Alistair Smith & Nicola Call, Kagan

By Alistair Smith & Nicola Call, Kagan

This e-book bargains 9 rules for mind dependent techniques to accelerating studying, enhancing motivation and elevating fulfillment. It deals the reader a coherent constitution and describes: assured how one can inspire beginners esteem-building instruments for colleges, academics and oldsters find out how to entry and train to varieties of intelligence 17 other ways during which faculties could make sped up studying paintings

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More than 72 per cent of the right-handers guessed correctly but only 66 per cent of left-handers guessed correctly. Apparently she had a guinea pig in her childhood. Professor Wiseman explained the consistency of the results 'right-handers tend to use the left hemisphere of the brain which is where linguistic information is processed . . lots of the clues in the clips were to do with language . . ' 498 flCCELERRTED LEMMING III PRRCTICE - brain-based methods for accelerating motivation and achievement SECTION ONE: WHRT THE MOST RECENT BRUIN RESERRCH TELLS US RBOUT LERRNIN6 Most brains are asymmetric.

The optimal conditions for learning include a positive personal learning attitude where challenge is high and anxiety and self-doubt is low. In the 1950s Dr Paul MacLean gave us his model of the triune or three-part brain and how the brain responded to stress. When challenge becomes unmanageable for a learner, stress develops. With stress comes a change in the chemical and electrical activity in the brain. Survival behaviours assume priority over logical and creative thinking, long-term planning and flexibility.

The complexity of function and the fact that the brain is plastic, highly interconnected, situational and iterative should not be forgotten when we consider relative lateralization. Summarized below are some of the recognised specializations. THE LEFT HEMISPHERE OF THE NEO-CORTEX LOGIC &ESTAIT PROCESSES INFORMATION CONVER0ENTIY, RATIONALLY PROCESSES INFORMATION DIVERGENTLY, HOLISTICALLY language: tooca's & Wernicke's areas likes words, symbols, letters perspective & dimension, depth & distance, perception likes forms & patterns, pictures, graphs, charts number £ judgement of quantity spatial manipulation sequence images & pictures, face recognition • line visualization & pictorial representation words of a song tune of a song, melodies, musical chords, environmental sounds • learning from the part to the wh learns whole first then parts • more chemicals (neurotransmitters) involved selective attention & concentration more chemicals (neurotransmitters) involved in arousal & inhibition of emotions dissociated information related information & relationships & connections in learning phonetic reading strategy whole language reading system prepositional thinking lateral & divergent thinking A recipe for accelerating learning is to use strategies which connect left with right.

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