Alchemy: Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul by Titus Burckhardt

By Titus Burckhardt

Religious attainment has usually been defined as a change wherein a human's leaden, uninteresting nature is again to its golden kingdom. This splendidly insightful quantity introduces many of the metaphors priceless for developing attitudes required for the soul's development: belief, self belief, desire, and detachment. it's a reminder that after any substance or entity undergoes dissolution, it needs to ultimately be resolved or re-crystalized in a brand new, very likely greater and extra noble form.

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He managed to get himself admitted to St. John's College in the following year, but after tricking a poor tailor out of a coat, he was sent down in disgrace. Somehow, he managed to get himself ordained as a curate after obtaining the favour of the Catholic Earl of Norwich. There he later claimed to hear the first rumours of a plot by England's Roman Catholics to rise up against the Protestants. England, of course, had been Protestant since Henry VIII's break with Rome in 1533. 'Bloody Mary's' attempt to restore Catholicism by burning hundreds of 'heretics' gave the English a real reason to hate Rome, and Foxe's Book of Martyrs kept the memory of the horrors alive.

In return, he received one hundred and forty thousand pounds from Louis. The first step towards fulfilling his promise of cooperation was a Declaration of Indulgence, allowing Catholics to worship in private houses without danger of arrest. But there were still many followers of Oliver Cromwell who regarded this as the thin end of the wedge, another attempt to impose Catholicism on England by force. The Declaration of Indulgence aroused so much opposition that Charles was soon forced to withdraw it.

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