An Encyclopaedia of Pacifism by Aldous Huxley (ed.)

By Aldous Huxley (ed.)

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Haditha called Dirsh or Djrs, a village in the Ghuta of Damascus (Y akut, ii, 225; Mardsid, 292). Bibliography : Le Strange, index. (E. HERZFELD*) HADIYYA [see HIBA]. HAJXJAR (locally pronounced hagar) is a cognate of the Ethiopic hagar "town", and was the normal word for "town" in the epigraphic dialects of preIslamic South Arabia. It is still in use today as an element in the place-names given to ruins of preIslamic town sites in South Arabia. See Azimuddin Ahmad, Die auf Siidarabien bezuglichen Angaben Naswdn's in Sams al-^ulum, Leyden 1916, 108.

Such works as those of al-TayalisI (d. ] and of Ahmad b. Hanbal (d. ] are arranged according to this method. Malik had arranged his Muwatta* according to the subjectmatter, but the 3rd/9th century was the time when the important musannaf (classified) works were compiled. They were said to be arranged cala y l-abwdb (according to the sub-sections), and this arrangement of the material proved to be much more convenient. Six of these musannaf works eventually took precedence over others. ] and Muslim (d.

The corpus of Tradition provides details to regulate all aspects of life in this world and to prepare people for the next. In theory the traditions of al-Bukharl and Muslim are all considered sound, whereas those in the other books have varying degrees of worth; but criticism has been made even of some of al-Bukharl's and Muslim's traditions. There was no official body to commission the books of Tradition, so they had to make their own appeal to the community. By the 4th/ioth century the collections of al-Bukhari and Muslim were fairly generally recognized, and the others gained recognition after longer periods.

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