An Outline of Wave Mechanics by Mott N.F.

By Mott N.F.

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91Δ Thus the 9 D of convergence required in each eye when uncorrected or corrected by a well-centred contact lens is reduced by just over 1Δ when the eye is corrected by the spectacle lens. We can conclude that negative spectacle lenses reduce the convergence required. Positive spectacle lenses centred for distance vision will require an increase of convergence over that required when uncorrected. Therefore a myope wearing contact lenses requires more convergence than when wearing spectacles, and vice versa for the hyperope.

During the time that a soft lens is worn, the lens temperature will increase from room to body temperature and this will encourage the lens to steepen. Also evaporation from the front surface of the lens will increase the refractive index of the lens material and again encourage the lens to steepen. This further steepening will serve to make the fluid lens anterior surface more positive. The refractive index increase leads to a more negative lens power for the myope and a more positive contact lens power for the hyperope.

03 But the lens is thick so we must add a correction factor of {(np – 1)/np}t to this front surface radius because r1 in a thick lens must be longer than r1 in a thin lens by the amount {(np – 1)/np}t. 3). There is a computer program in Chapter 11 which calculates the front surface radius when the BVP, BOZR, refractive index and lens centre thickness are known. 5 Toric lenses A toric contact lens introduces no extra problems for deduction of the radii of one surface when the other surface radii, lens power, refractive index and centre thickness are known.

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