Anatomy of a Trend by Henrik Vejlgaard

By Henrik Vejlgaard

Why do thousands of individuals prove donning an analogous type of clothing?What makes humans switch their tastes in nutrients, tune, and cars?It's as a result of trends-the robust strategy of swap that has effects on each around the globe.Drawing on his groundbreaking study, development sociologist Henrik Vejlgaard finds crucial clues approximately how developments emerge and pass mainstream and examines the influential people who make this happen.Throughout are real-life tales of either well-known and nameless movers and shakers who've had around the world effect in altering our sorts of residing, together with enterprise leaders, designers, and artists, whereas additionally conveying the interesting improvement of little-known traits that completely illustrate the trend's existence cycle. Anatomy of a pattern explores each point of this impressive process-making it effortless that you can enjoy the robust social dynamic that reasons tendencies to take off and spread.Vejlgaard grants the instruments and information you want to capitalize on each degree of the rage procedure. As you achieve perception into this element of human habit, you'll larger comprehend traits and the way they have an effect on society, and finally learn the way you could are expecting destiny wishes.

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Suddenly Indian women could be credited as being the original creators of a trend. But this is only because there are trendsetters such as Claire Ramsey from New York City. In 1996, Ramsey started painting mehndi on her hands. Ramsey later recounted to the Danish newspaper BT how she first became interested in mehndi: “I was traveling in India and saw Indian women decorated with mehndi everywhere. When I came back to New York City, I found henna color in a small Indian store. I only painted a small pattern on the top of my hand.

But a brief look way back in human history shows that we have always been preoccupied with matters of style and taste. Think of the cave paintings discovered in the south of France. Clearly, the earliest humans did not spend all their time hunting for food or resting. With this thinking, it makes sense that consumers at different steps in the hierarchy will have different interests in style and design. Consumers are more preoccupied with style and taste when they are well-off because then they are at the top of Hierarchy of Needs.

Another example could be soccer player David Beckham and his wife, Victoria, who are friends with Elton John and his husband, David Furniss. In the memoir My World he tells about socializing with many other gay friends, with other celebrities, and with designers. 2 in an oversimplified way—in reality, the trendsetting groups are also connected and overlap in all directions. The figure shows how the trendsetting groups spread out into mainstream society in all directions, metaphorically like a multipointed star.

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