Anglo-Spanish Rivalry in Colonial Southeast America, by Timothy Paul Grady

By Timothy Paul Grady

Usually performed down in favour of the bigger festival for empire among England and France, the impression of the Spanish in English Carolina and the English in Spanish Florida created a contention that formed the early historical past of colonial south-east the USA. This examine is the 1st to inform the total tale of this competition, operating it in to the historiography of either colonies. taking a look at the zone intimately, Grady examines the family among the English and Spanish colonists and the local American inhabitants. quite a few indigenous tribes represented the genuine energy in those areas, with colonial rivalries frequently being performed out throughout the manipulation of those fragile friendships. one of these designated, nearby process permits a wealthy, bright narrative to inform a narrative of political, monetary, cultural and social interplay via various views, putting the disparate teams into the context of a far greater ancient tapestry.

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Over the winter months, the Spanish sent a garrison of twenty-five men to the mission at St Catherine’s Island to protect it against English attacks. Since diplomatic manoeuvres were under way, in response to the news of the English colony the crown sent orders to Florida to take no action against the English as there appeared, at the moment, to be no immediate threat to the missions. 52 At the end of 1670, the state of affairs in the south-east was a standoff. The Spanish in Florida held a fortified position in St Augustine but the Indian missions to the north remained vulnerable to raids.

Though the English succeeded in capturing and keeping the island, the Spanish freed all the slaves in the colony before fleeing to Cuba. 44 The invasion of Jamaica and the ensuing war sent shockwaves through the Spanish empire. In Florida, the royal governor, Diego de Rebolledo, spent the mid-1650s dealing with Indian unrest and the threat of English invasions, but, preoccupied with internal reforms of the colony’s missions, he could not accomplish anything substantive against the English. A revolt by the Timucuan Indians in 1656 was a response to the efforts by the governor to consolidate the Indian missions in reaction to the precipitous population decline among the mission Indians.

Their experiences with the English up to this point showed them, all too clearly, the threat that would be posed by any successful English claim on the lands to the north of Florida. *** The activity in the territory that would later be named Carolina actually originated soon after the founding of Jamestown. In 1629, Charles I acted on his presumed claim to the territory to the south by granting the land between 31 and 36 degrees north latitude to his attorney-general, Sir Robert Heath, for the founding of a colony to the south of Virginia.

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