Antonio Gramsci: An Introduction to His Thought by A. Pozzolini, Anne F. Showstack

By A. Pozzolini, Anne F. Showstack

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These days 1 feel worse than I have ever felt. For more than eight days I haven't slept for more than three-quarters of an hour per night and some nights I don't even close an eye. ' His sister-in-law tried every way, including the presentation of a petition to the Head of the Government (Mussolini), so that Gramsci could be examined in prison by a personal physician. Meanwhile, the celebration for the 'decennial' of the fascist regime led to the approval of an amnesty and pardon which political prisoners also enjoyed in part.

This is an apprenticeship so much more difficult than that of a worker who wants to acquire a profess ional qualification and it must begin exactly at your age. ' And to his wife, 'It is true that I am always dissatisfied and irritable. Your letter should at least in part calm me down. Don't become irritated yourself, I don't want to hurt GR A MSCI ' S LIF E 56 you in any way: And later, 'Dear Julia, Your letters always produce a great emotion in me but . . (these damned buts . ) they leave me a bit confused and with thoughts that come to nothing .

In Moscow he became a member of the Ex­ ecutive of the International, but very quickly his state of health wors­ ened to the point of forcing him to enter a sanatorium . There he met Julia Schucht, his future wife. However, he remained in contact with the leaders of the International and of the Bolshevik government, even in connection with apparently secondary problems as when he drew up a few pages of notes and observations on Italian futurism for Trotsky. Meanwhile, the situation in Italy came to a head.

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