Applications of Nonlinear Fiber Optics by Govind Agrawal

By Govind Agrawal

Because the box grew, Agrawal determined to separate this article off from his Nonlinear Fiber Optics, that is extra all for the discipline's basics. This variation is meant for senior undergraduates, graduate scholars, engineers and technicians within the telecommunications undefined, and scientists operating with fiber optics and optical communications. It covers the construction blocks of light-wave know-how - fiber-based gratings, couplers, and interferometers - in addition to amplifiers and lasers made utilizing rare-earth-doped fibers; pulse-compression thoughts; fiber-optic conversation structures; and soliton-based transmission schemes.

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In a 1998 experiment, a 6-cm-long fiber grating was used with a value of κ 12 cm 1 [101]. 15 shows transmitted pulse shapes when 100-ps pulses were propagated through this grating. The peak intensity of the input Gaussian pulse is 25 GW/cm2 . 15 Transmitted pulse shape when 100-ps pulses with a peak intensity of 25 GW/cm2 are propagated through a 6-cm-long fiber grating. (After Ref. [101], ­c 1998, reprinted with permission from Elsevier Science) branch of the dispersion curve). At lower power levels, pulse is compressed because of the combination of GVD and SPM that leads to soliton-effect compression (discussed in Chapter 6).

This is also what was found in Ref. [66]. Gap solitons that form within the stop band of a fiber grating have not been observed because of a practical difficulty: A Bragg grating reflects light whose wavelength falls inside the stop band. Stimulated Raman scattering may provide a solution to this problem since a pump pulse, launched at a wavelength far from the stop band, can excite a “Raman gap soliton” that is trapped within the grating and propagates much more slowly than the pump pulse itself [115].

Furthermore, the short pump pulse switches the probe beam permanently to the high-transmission state. 7 Related Periodic Structures This chapter has focused on uniform Bragg gratings (except for apodization) that are designed to couple the forward- and backward-propagating waves in- 45 Related Periodic Structures side an optical fiber. Many variations of this simple structure exist. In this section we consider several other kinds of gratings and discuss nonlinear effects when intense light propagates through them.

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